Brenda T.
I have been a patient of Doctor Songs for quite a while. He has treated me after injuries and surgeries over time and I don’t know what I would do without him. He and his staff are very friendly and professional. And I’m thankful for him.

Jim And Linda L.
Great relief!! husband with severe pain for a very long time, just came home with a smile on his face and a “get up” in his step:-)

Maritza R.
In reading the reviews, I have to agree Dr. Song is a great doctor my experience with the him, Zoe and only one of the front desk receptionist I believe her name is “Myra” she is amazing has been great! I can not say the same for the rest of the staff representing him, specially the people who answer the phone. WOW I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years and never have I encountered such horrible medical ethic with pts like I have encountered here. It is truly a shame. Today was the worst phone encounter I have ever had to deal with in this office aside of the other 2 or 3 times prior. It was such nasty, unprofessional, uncompassionate phone call I have dealt with and if I could remember the staff member name that I just dealt with I would put her name on this review so that everyone can know how nasty this person and uncompassionate she is. I am a true believer if you are unhappy with your job then stay home, rather then taking your bitterness and frustration out on others. It is not nice and it is not ok. I never have left such disappointing review in a doctor office because I know how important these reviews are, but I’ve had enough of the nasty phone calls every time I call there with that staff! I just want to thank Myra for being so kind and listening to this situation when I called back. I hope all the other staff members can learn from you.

Jami S.
It’s usually amazing. My appointment was last week, still waiting on meds to hit the Walgreens! Not the Dr song I’m used too. He’s on vacation and I’m suffering. Maybe tomorrow

Aida S.
I’m seeing Zoe Gonzalez a few times now I like the way she treats me with compassion and she cares ❤ alot and she explained everything so well I really appreciate that THANK YOU ZOE

Aida S.

Frances C.
He got a great team Work

Heriberto R.
Very pleased with the doctor, treatment is new to me, very uptimistic things will go well.

Tawanna F.
Dr. Song is awesome. He is very professional and detailed with his work. I am definitely satisfied every time I go here.

Roberto V.

Linda S.
Wish Dr. Song would explain what he is doing as he goes along

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Song. He runs a great office . His personal are easy to get to know . My care was just what I needed and Tailored to me . I recommend him to any one with neuropathy issues at any stage . Dr song will be there for you . Just want to give a nod to dr Zoe , Sean , Alex , Amanda and Roy

Bianca A.
Dr. Jasón help me and very understand for my pain!

Christine H.
Dr. Song is great and listens to your needs and what’s going on with you. The staff are understanding, compassionate, and always helpful. Overall it’s pleasant for a doctor’s office.

Peter P.
All staff were friendly and courteous. Procedure went well. They need comfortable beds in recovery, otherwise very good experience.

Nicole C.

Anna T.
I was scared but he made me feel comfortable wasn’t as bad as I expected

They are just awesome and always help me with my pain problems

JASMINE A. is a good doctor and the staff there are great people…

James K.
They do a great job helping me deal with my pain, thanks

George F.
Dr. Song and the staff at Palm Tree Pain Management are professional, courteous and friendly.

Karen B.
The pain on the right side doesn’t hurt at all the pain on the left side still hurts but overall it was successful

The staff in office are friendly but my concern is the staff the suppose to call patient ahead of time. Poor info such as if patient is on Blood thinner. No one called me to stop my meds. Other wise. I’m so happy i got Dr.Song taking care of me.

Edwin G.
I like it is a real good doctor good quality and good server and good people it treat people right I like it and God bless them

Edna B.
My pain is in control now. Excellent doctor

Tawanna F.
Dr. Song is a awesome doctor. My procedure went very well and I very good about it.

Always very courteous polite and great care

Shavanda W.
Great Doctors and staff they on there job. They are very friendly.and also they do not waist no time they all are on top of there job and it’s a very clean place .I also love the area that they are in it’s more convenient for me…love it.keep up the team work guys..

Michael F.
Very friendly and professional.

David G.
Fast service and customer service. Friendly and so professional Dr Jason is super good doctor. Recommended 100%

Dr. Song and his team are nothing but AMAZING! I have been seen many pain management Doctors over the years here in Florida. He is by far the Best out of them all. If you are looking for a Doctor who truly cares and is efficient then go see him.

Chenelle B.
My pain was relieved a bunch and I am very happy with Dr Song he is a very good Dr.

Angel F.

I feel very good with Doctor Jason Song, everything going good ….I like this Dr 100% .

Arlene N.

Marie H.
I am very satisfied with the trimmed

Debbie W.
Dr. Song is the absolute best at what he does. He’s very easy to talk to, gives the best advice and provides the treatment that works. Let’s not forget his team. They are so friendly yet professional. They treat each other like family and for the little time I’m there, I also feel part of the family. Thanks to Dr. Song, he found a way to reduce my pain. If you’re in pain you need to go to Palm Tree Pain Management

Susan A.
Great doctor. Great staff.


Miriam F.
Always good

Always a pleasure to see the Dr and staff. Everybody is nice.

Linda S.
Staff is super friendly & knowledgeable

Ramon G.

Joyce M.
Dr. Song is very caring and listens, really listens to you and how to help you.

Have been coming here for almost 2 years and everyone that works here is very happy and professional.

ennifer H.
Careing and thoughtful staff and Dr.

Finally a Dr. who actually cares! Thank you to the staff and the dr. A++++

Dr.Song its an amazing doctor with a lot of knowledge. He really does care about relieving the patients pain and he does just that i was miserable with my back pains and till i found him life was hard Now thanks to him and his staff i im pain free And he has taught me how to manage

Marilu L.
Ontime procedure. The staff are very pleasant with the patients and Dr. Song is very good and care concentrated in what his doing. Thank you all.

Sarkis M.
Great doctor, nice office staff and on time.

Easy to navigate

Dr Song, is so caring and compassionate. He is the only one who has helped Me with my pain and listens to me.. Thank u Dr song

Dr song is amazing and so caring and compassionate

Louis S.
The Dr is great. I recommend him to everyone! He took the time to treat me according to my condition. I was a person to him . Not just a #. Great Dr great staff. Thank God for this Dr.

Toni G.
Omg! Thank you Dr Song the trigger point injections you performed on me were painless and so helpful to my quality of daily activities!

As usual Dr. Song and his staff are all very professional, very helpful and friendly. I have been under the care of Dr. Song and his staff for a while and fully recommend this group of professionals

Dr Song is the best in the business!

Very nice

Ramon P.
Excellent service great teamwork. Specially DR song

Linda S.
Staff is pleasant.

Dr. song it’s such a great doctor he is so caring and understanding with my husband‘s problems and mine. He was very helpful in the choices that he gave us to help our problems. The staff is awesome they’re so nice. So glad we chose palm tree and Dr. song

David R.
I’ve had back pain for years and tennis elbow he’s the only doctor that’s really taking care of my pain without too much pain medication

Not a long wait time. Employees and doctor are nice

Caridad C.
Soy muy feliz con los conocimientos y atencion de mi Doctor…del mismo modo que me satisface por su trato y atención al resto del colectivo Felicidades por ser. Los mejores

Shelli O.
Best Pain Dr around I had multiple things going on.. He’s basically covered me from head to toe.. He is a very trustworthy and an expert at what he does..

Pleasant, nice, group of professionals that make the patients feel they are the most important person in the office. I’ve been going here for a few months due to a car accident & feel like they truly care. Thank you all for all you have done for us & how comfortable you have made us feel.

William H.
Dr. Song provides excellent pain relief for my headaches and arthritic joints. I am almost 70 years old and I really don’t know where I would be in life without his professional care. God bless you, Doctor.